Hi, my name is Deirdre Rolfe, of Counsellor-On-Call. I am a Clinical Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Clinical member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association, ( originally from Canada)  with over 20 years of work experience .I am passionate about the human mind and each individual's innate power which I beleive very few people truly know how to access.In fact most people only really ever use about 10 % of their Mind's true ability. Could you imagine if you could tap into that other 90%...what would you look like, feel like, think like? How would you percevie the world? How would your own reality ....change ?

Hypnosis is a highly effective , fast and powerful therapeutic deep mind training. I utilize my passion for Mesmerism and NLP  which strongly focuses on the energy and intention behind the words spoken in each audio file. Additionally I have sourced a highly professional and sucessful Audio/media expert to join forces makeing sure my audio files deliver the same standard I offer my clients face to face. Each day I go into my office I prepare myself mentally so I can offer 150% from the moment my clients walk in the door.

Real Hypnotism isn't just the shows you watch on T.V. , most of those are illusionists.Real hypnotism is the slight of word play, tonation of voice, rhythm, the energy and intention behind it, the use of pause, the metaphor...all combined with professionally eneginerred music designed specifically for trance.

I am proud ot offer you these audio files , confident you are getting the opportunity to experience the true gift of just how powerful your Mind can be, clearing the way for just how amazing you really are.