Workshop Sunday December 16th 2018

Now you can book your online video-counselling session at home , on holiday , whenever you need insights and solutions to a question or situation. With over 20+ years professional experience, trained in CBT, ACT, DBT, Diffusion Therapy, Parts Therapy, NLP and Jungian Metaphor I help you get to the core of the issue and find solutions, FAST.

What I do well :

I assess my clients very quickly by tuning in to what they say and often even more importantly what they don't. I have a keen eye for slight distinctions in tonality, rhythm of speech, body cues and word association. Together we can get to the layers of the issues, find the blocks, determine what you really want and find solutions to create the outcome you need with an emphasis on you being in your best Empowered state.

I specialize in Impulse issues, Anxiety, Depression, Low self esteem , addictions and Complex Trauma.

I am HIGHLY empathetic, Respectful, non-judgemental, confidential and professional and give %150 of myself to the hour.

You matter to me and I consider it a privilege to work with YOU.

MY goal and PURPOSE in life is helping each person find the solutions they need, feel free of the baggage and debris of LIFE and all its ebbs and flows and help you to access the wonderful incredible HUMAN you are. I want YOU in your power, feeling your true WORTH, with a clear pathway toward healing, solutions, greater outcomes and ultimately toward your own personal, physical, mental, emotional SELF actualization.


I recognize life can give YOU more than you can handle

Family Trauma, Death, Infidelity, Narcissistic or Personality disordered partners or family members, Anxiety/ Depression, Relationship issues, Complex trauma from Childhood, Addictions, Stress or general low self esteem or lack of Motivation

Sometimes we just need a bit of extra help and we need it NOW

I welcome ALL people of all cultures, races, religions and sexual Identity


If so I can add a layer of SPIRITUALITY to our session as in addiction to my training as a Clinical Counsellor I was raised by my beautiful Bohemian Celtic Mother who taught me everything from Scrying the clouds to Tarot and come from a family line of highly creative and intuitive Viking/Celtic people.


1 session may be all you need to fill the gap from where you are right now to where you need to be.

Once purchased text or email your preferred day and time and let's lock it in. Sessions online are avail all days between 9am-8pm Melbourne, Australia time zone,so you can be assured you will be booked promptly .

I believe in YOU

ThankYOU xx

Deirdre Rolfe

1 hour is $100

[email protected]

(613) 0412 106 496 Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

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