Anyone facing the prospect of surgery knows how frightening it can be. It can be enough to just worry about one's health and recovery. Concerns around the possibility of discomfort or having to trust in the process of letting go can cause feelings of anxiety in some people.Whenever we are faced with these feelings and thoughts , the more we try not to have them, we are in fact, unconsciously reinforcing them, simply by tryimg not to think of them.

Prepare for surgery is a wonderful Hypnosis session that gives you back your control.It helps your mind to focus on where you do have control, the FACTS and not just deeper fears or worries or concerns that probably won't even happen.

This audio session is perfect for the person who needs surgery but simply finds they are resisting or just feeling anxious and need a bit of emotional support and MINTOOLS to help make them feel more in control and CALM.

You'll get 3 MP3

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