The Stop NOW! Program

2 sessions to permanently Stop Smoking - 2 EASY!

◦ Would you like to stop smoking?
◦ Would you like to regain your control?
◦ Would you like to stop without a feeling of deprivation?
◦ Would you like to take back control of your health?

Do you know, most people already know that they are smoking due to habitual, psychological addictions and associations -NOT- because they enjoy it. How many times do you light up and after just a few drags think "I don't even want this"? Most people smoke long after they truly enjoy it. Why? Because they think the addiction has such a hold on them. Did you know the physical addiction of cigarettes is only a small part of the problem.... it’s the psychological addiction you have to work on

Do you think you need it for stress?

Do yo fear losing your mate?

Do you fear weight gain?

Do you fear withdrawals?

What holds you back?

Then Hypnosis is right for you!

The Stop NOW sessions will include hypnotherapy techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Parts Therapy, positive affirmations and suggestions. The cost of this hypnotherapy program is minimal compared to the financial and health costs incurred during a lifetime of smoking.


Designed to build the motivation to stop, as well as imbue new healthier habits, open your awareness and subconsciously set your target date to stop.

Session #2

In this session You will become a non-smoker. We will shut off the impulse, release cravings, ascribe negative associations to smoking and imbue new more powerful programs.

*NOTE statistically it is shown 2 sessions increase your success rate significantly.

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Hypnosis is a powerful deep subconscious Mind Training experience. All my audio files are master engineered in a Professional recording studio by a highly skilled Audio sound Engineer.

My unique approach is my voice and the ability I have to fine tune the art of precision, tone, word placement and the complexity of NLP which allows the conscious Mind to be distracted while the unconscious is hit with deep embedded suggestions and cues.

I have over 20 years of Professional experience and all my work is meticulously considered and written by me with much care and attention has been given to the wording, NLP, tone, Rhythm, and skills needed to give you a powerful, professional and highly effective Mind Training experience. These audio sessions are best listened to with headphones.

This audio file is copy write, any reproduction in part or whole , other than personal use, is against the legal binds of this agreement. Legal law and the laws of Karma will be strongly utilized.

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