5 audio files and EBOOK "The Mind Mastery Program; Conquering The Impulse Addiction Trap"


This is a mind training clinical hypnosis program that may be sufficient on its own for some users depending on your stage of addiction. This program can only add to the benefits of you stopping ICE. This program however is not a quick fix and I strongly support and even encourage the use of this program with an in treatment rehabilitation program, 12 steps program or as an adjunct to any Psychiatric or Counselling support.

This program I've put together is based on Stopping Ice Addiction with deeply embedded hypnotic suggestions , NLP, Part's, and CBT.

This program is a deep mind training program.

Stop Ice: Powerful , reward focused, subconscious suggestions addressing the part of you that wants to stop, challenging resistance, enhancing motivation , and making that final decision to stop Ice now.

Mindset: The way to fully control your mind begins by the ability of directing your focus on to where you have power, what you can do, what is working, what is right or good in your life. Directed focus is a simple technique that carries extraordinary weight into the value of how your mind works and the true source of just how powerful you are.

The 3 sides of me: This audio files allows you to go back into your mind to the past you, the you before you used Ice, to the present you and to the Future, healthy, Ice free, supreme you allowing you to integrate, learn from and be inspired by all parts of you.

Crave Exercise : Exercise is a powerful healer. It doesn't matter what you do as long as you move.(Get a Doctor's seal of approval before doing any strenuous exercise).Whether you walk, walk to run, lift weight, do yoga, dance, swim, bike, garden or just keep moving, exercise is that miracle feel good pill you can take everyday, for free. Its the endorphin, serotonin, dopamine chemical release that gives you a new energy, a new hope, for life.

The Garden of your life: There are hurts, negative statements, pain, past trauma, deep within our subconscious mind that often we have tried to get rid of, and yet they still affect us, keeping us stuck. Some of these things aren't even identifiable, but we feel its residual effects. The Garden of your life is open ended and allows you to pull these issues out of your deep mind from their roots, feeling that weight lifted from your mind, and ultimately from your life.Remember I am a real person can contact me through my site by email , text or phone if you have any question about how this program works whether its for you or someone you love.

You'll get 1 PDF and 5 MP3s

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