Drinking in many cultures is a socially connected thing to do amongst friends wanting to enjoy a great night out, and there is nothing wrong with that. However drinking can very easily become a deeply entrenched habit at a subconscious level that starts to feel more like a problem. If you find yourself drinking more often than you'd like to, or struggling to stop after just 1 or 2, or you're finding excuses to drink just for the sake of drinking, or feeling as if your body needs a break than this audio file is for you.


Although hypnosis is a powerful tool to assist you in breaking conditioned responses and habits you no longer want, negative behaviours and addictions are two different things. If you suspect you have an addiction to drinking alcohol, please seek additional support from your local GP to discuss whether or not you might be in need of an addition rehabilitation program.

Your wellbeing is my primary concern.


Hypnosis is a powerful deep subconscious Mind Training experience. All my audio files are master engineered in a Professional recording studio by a highly skilled Audio sound Engineer.

My unique approach is my voice and the ability I have to fine tune the art of precision, tone, word placement and the complexity of NLP which allows the conscious Mind to be distracted while the unconscious is hit with deep embedded suggestions and cues.

I have over 20 years of Professional experience and all my work is meticulously considered and written by me with much care and attention has been given to the wording, NLP, tone, Rhythm, and skills needed to give you a powerful, professional and highly effective Mind Training experience. These audio sessions are best listened to with headphones.

This audio file is copy write, any reproduction in part or whole , other than personal use, is against the legal binds of this agreement. Legal law and the laws of Karma will be strongly utilized.

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