FLOW: letting go of the need to control


Behind the need to control, is an undercurrent of anxiety...that overwhelming feeling in your body of tension, or worry of having to do it all, having to be in control. Wouldn't it feel nice to not have to be in control of everything, your career, your relationship, your family, even the traffic. Because the truth is....and this is important...the real power, the greatest success occurs when you allow, let go, and embrace...the flow.

This session will allow you to challenge those unconscious needs and fears and give your power back to allow, let go and welcome the flow in your life .

All audio files work best when listened to with headphones and 3 times a week for an average period of 3 weeks to deeply reinforce these powerful subconscious cues.


Hypnosis is a powerful deep subconscious Mind Training experience. All my audio files are master engineered in a Professional recording studio by a highly skilled Audio sound Engineer.

My unique approach is my voice and the ability I have to fine tune the art of precision, tone, word placement and the complexity of NLP which allows the conscious Mind to be distracted while the unconscious is hit with deep embedded suggestions and cues.

I have over 20 years of Professional experience and all my work is meticulously considered and written by me with much care and attention has been given to the wording, NLP, tone, Rhythm, and skills needed to give you a powerful, professional and highly effective Mind Training experience. These audio sessions are best listened to with headphones.

This audio file is copy write, any reproduction in part or whole , other than personal use, is against the legal binds of this agreement. Legal law and the laws of Karma will be strongly utilized.

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